A Little Sunshine. A Big Difference. 


Hello Friends,

In 2006, I looking for "an easy fitness class" to rehab my body from college sports when I took my first yoga class at a local gym. It's now my passion and most joyful work to teach and share the idea that with practice, you can do anything: Lose weight. Run a Marathon. Sleep Better. Wake up early. Be a Better Parent. Stand on your head. Start a business. Speak in public. Or change your life.

There are so many ways to define RICHNESS, but we often choose the most narrow of definitions using our bank account balance. Imagine the impact on our communities if we shifted, even slightly, our priorities from generating WEALTH to generating WELLNESS?

Yellow Mat is my answer to this.

Change can be challenging. It requires commitment. It require resilience. It will requires a belief that we are capable of change.

But—as we discover our inherent power to create change and shape our best lives through passion and discipline, and as we become willing to change ourselves for the better— we are able to create positive change around us.

May your time on the mat be powerful, positive, transformative and liberating. 

Hugs + Hive Fives,