Who Do You Want to Be?


Yellow Mat Yoga offers 30+ classes during the week to challenge, change, and move you. Our signature 'BE' classes allow us to practice the qualities on our mat that we want to cultivate in our everyday lives -- whether it's strength, ease, confidence, or kindness. We currently offer 3 different types of classes.

Community Practices

Our signature 'BE' practices are offered by our teachers on a pay-it-forward basis. These all-levels community practices offer a great way for a student to establish a consistent, well-rounded practice, all while supporting our service to the community.

Premium/Lifestyle Classes

We offer unique specialty lifestyle classes to better integrate yoga and mindfulness into your everyday life. These reserved-space, private workshop classes are great for anyone interested in incorporating more yoga into their monthly wellness routine.

Workshops + Special Events

You can view our current list of dates on EVENTBRITE. Stop by or email us, and we can certainly help guide you toward a practice that suits you. But long story short -- come practice -- even a little yoga goes a long way. 


Open Studio is Yellow Mat's commitment to Make Practice Possible for all of us. Roll out your mat anytime during this 90-min session for personal practice, quiet meditation, or simply to connect with our wonderful community of like-minded neighbors. Feel bring to bring your mat and journal. Students may bring their own music to listen via headphones (please be respectful of all who practice).

Yellow Mat Flow (All-levels)

Learn and advance your practice in an accessible, trauma-sensitive group setting. We'll explore basic through intermediate asana with several variations + modifications to create accessibilities for all. A moderate breath-centered vinyasa flow designed to strengthen, stretch, and restore. 

Wellness Dimension: Physical, Mental, Energetic


Start your day off with this 45-min practice that is perfect for busy folks to clear and calm their mind for productivity and focus. 

Wellness Dimension: Mental, Emotional, Energetic

Be Still.

Mirroring a traditional Yin Yoga practice, this class offers static holds for 4-6 minutes allow us the opportunity to focus on breath and deep release of body fascia. Don't let the slow nature of this practice fool you -- its unique challenge is the opportunity to tune attention while preparing our bodies for rest.

Wellness Dimension: Physical, Mental


This class focuses on the building blocks of strength, mobility, agility, and balance that all create a well-rounded asana practice. No previous yoga experience required.

Wellness Dimensions: Physical, Energetic, Mental 

New Be.

If you have ever said "Yoga isn't for me", we hope this class will help change your mind. You'll leave class with knowledge of basic breathing and meditation techniques that you can immediately integrate into your everyday life. We'll offer a few foundational poses and basic alignment principles to keep you safe and make you strong.

Wellness Dimensions: Physical, Mental, Energetic, Social

Just Be.

Yoga Nidra is the practice and art of Yogic Sleep.  In this class you will be guided through a detailed sleep meditation that will allow your mind and body to slip into a deep state of relaxation.  The brain will switch from beta to alpha waves, signaling the transition from activity to meditation.  Receive deep rest and restoration in this extremely healing practice. It's said that 30 minutes of Nidra can be the equivalent of 4 hours of deep rest.

Wellness Dimensions: Mental, Emotional, Energetic

Workshops + Special Events


FULL MOON Women’s Circle

Join Siha Collins Friday nights for a gathering of women, mothers, sisters, and friends. This gathering includes a full moon meditation, intention setting, group discussion, and chance to unwind and reconnect to yourself and other powerful women. 


Hemp-derived Cannabidiol Oil, better known as CBD, has been the hottest topic in wellness this year. Join Siha Collins, creator of Yellow Mat Yoga along with Shana Nunnelly, Sound Healer, for a special evening of education and relaxation.

After receiving a short introduction to Hemp-derived CBD, guests will be guided into a magical evening of sound healing with Shana Nunnelly. Wash away stress, pain and anxiety through sound and vibration of crystal singing bowls. As your body relaxes into the sounds, your mind will soon follow. Most participants say they have never experienced such a deep sense of peace and mental clarity. Listen and drift off into effortless bliss!

Our awesome friends at Green Means Go (www.greenmeansgo.co) will feature it's latest hemp-derived products to add into your wellness regimen.