Manifesto + Mission


We believe in the power of yoga
and we believe in the generosity of people.

We are so certain that yoga works that we will allow each person decide what to give.

We believe that yoga should be available to all of the people,
regardless of cultural, political, or economic differences.

We believe that yoga unifies communities 
and it is through the acceptance of all people that we can be 
an example of real change.

We believe that your clothes don't make you better, 
neither does your car or your job, 

But the simple act of showing up completely 
in a place of acceptance makes your 
humanity shine brilliantly. 


"Yellow Mat Yoga will empower radical personal and social change by supporting the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being and well-doing of every breathing human. All of Us."


Yellow, Matters.

“We teach yoga, so we can provide it to those who need it most, and support teachers who choose to serve.

[...] For every hour of private yoga we teach, we will donate one hour of paid yoga service to local non-profits. This helps support yoga teachers who choose to serve. Also, our gently used yellow mats are donated to the non-profits to encourage students to continue their practice. It is my sincere hope that Yellow Mat Yoga will become a beacon of joy, happiness, and optimism for those who it serves, and powerful proof that service-based business can create tremendous change.”

- 1st Yellow Mat Email, dated April 16th, 2016


Dāna is the Pali and Sanskrit word for generosity. Each month, our teachers offer a variety of asana, meditation, and breathing practices. Their teaching is given freely, without the burden of debt or obligation. In return, Yellow Mat creates studio time + helps raise support for teachers to give back to the organizations + populations that resonate with them. This gift makes it possible for that teacher to share the same tools with communities in need of connection. Students are invited to express their appreciation by making a freely offered gift in return for the teachers’ generosity. There is no correct or expected sum to be donated; the amount depends entirely on your ability and willingness to give. Such an offering is called dāna.

Current Service Organizations

Are you a local non-profit or service organization interested in partnering with Yellow Mat? Email us here

Service Population: Veterans

Service Population: Veterans

Service Population: Refugees

Service Population: Refugees

Service Population: Kids + Teens

Service Population: Kids + Teens