A Note About Richness


Hello Friends!

This is Siha. The owner of Yellow Mat Yoga.

I’m restructuring Yellow Mat over the coming months in order to write, teach, and speak about wellness, wealth, and paying it forward.

A yoga teacher talking about money should be quite interesting -- but more on that soon.

My unexpected road to studio ownership last year gave me the opportunity to dive deeply into the practice and business of yoga. The practice has brought much happiness and ease. The business of yoga has had much contrast to it.

As I was writing this, I read through dozens of stories from teachers who’ve sacrificed their physical, mental, financial, emotional, and energetic health -- to hold space for others.

At a later time and place, we can have in-depth discussions about industry and capitalism. We can also explore money, energy, value, worthiness, and the structures and systems, real and imagined, that impact every single area of our lives.

But today, I just hope you will hear something radically different from me.

I believe there is a better way to structure our businesses and organizations.

I believe there is a better way to balance our lives with our livelihood.

I believe there is a better way to value and enhance the most important resources that we have -- the human ones.

I spent several years in corporate America wishing for time freedom, and now at times being an entrepreneur, have spent days wishing for financial freedom.

I am not Money Rich right now.

But I am Time Rich. I am Energy Rich. I am Community Rich. I am Relationship Rich. I am Wellness Rich.

Can you see how this feels so different than just having a lot of money?

From my new place of wealth, I have been able to create beautiful spaces for humans to rest and recharge. I’ve been able to make space for incredible teachers to share their knowledge. I’ve been able to share a connection that reaches past what a class price advertised.

I’ve also struggled tremendously to convince people to invest in their wellness, and to pay my teachers what they are worth.

As it stands, there is no fair and equitable system to offer teachings to students, while creating a sustainable financial model for the teachers who’ve spent the time, effort, and resources to follow this path. Applying the same rules that we use to sell yoga mats, pants and accessories, we now sell time, wisdom, and human energy at discounted rates.

I believe we can change this.

This is the basis of pay-it-forward.

Our society is built on this belief that the more we do, the more we are worth.

But imagine getting better sleep every night. Waking up relaxed and refreshed in the morning. More energy and time throughout your day. Anxiety and stress over traffic or work being reduced or eliminated. Low back or shoulder pain eased. Better communication with your spouse, child, or boss. A general sense of happiness and well-being.

What would this be worth to you?

Our definition of wealth has to shift and expand dramatically to accommodate the other aspects of our lives that can and deserve to be so full.

This is Real Richness. This is Real Life.

I will contribute precious time and effort to developing and implementing a business model that can be beneficial for students, teachers, and owners. I will teach on different dimensions of wealth and wellness, and guide business executives and managers in realigning their lives and organizations around multi-dimensional aspects wealth.

Daily public classes at Yellow Mat will go on hiatus so I may create a studio that I feel proud to be apart of and teach at. This decision required lots of thought and maturity — so I express much heartfelt thanks to my teachers and mentors who’ve shown me the power of patience and planning.

If these words resonate, I humbly ask and encourage you to support Yellow Mat -- whether it’s making a donation, speaking about us to a friend, or inviting me to speak to your organization. All of my personal coaching and speaking work is now aligned with the pay-it-forward model.

I am so happy for this opportunity to contribute my unique talents and skills to advocate on behalf of teachers and wellness professionals.

I am so happy to be a real-life example of what happens when we create more value, more ease, and intentional joy + well-being in our lives.

I hope you will join me.

This is a new kind of rich.

Much love to you and thanks for reading!


Human Wealth + Business Coach

Leader. Teacher. Speaker, Yellow Mat Yoga

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